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Advanced Motor Control Ltd

New Zealand based supplier of premium motor control equipment and solutions.

Danfoss VFDs

Danfoss VFDS. A well known range of VFDS available in New Zealand

EMC and VFDs

The correct installation of VFDs minimises the EMC generated. EMC from incorrectly installed VFDs cause severe interference with communications equipment and can damage sensitive electronic circuits.

Emotron VFDs and Soft Starters

Emotron VFDS and Soft Starters. A well known range of motor control equipment available in New Zealand

GSM Control

New Zealand based supplier of premium GSM, SMS and text messaging control equipment.

Harmonic Filter

Mirus Lineator Harmonic Filters guaranteed to meet NZ standards.

Horner OCS and PLCs

New Zealand based supplier of premium OCS and PLC equipment.

Invertek Variable Speed Drives

New Zealand based supplier of premium Variable Frequency Drives.

General Motor Control discussion forum website.

General Motor Control technology website.

Power Factor Correction

New Zealand based supplier of premium Power factor correction capacitors and systems.

Power Line Harmonics

Power line harmonics cause an increase in losses in the electrical distribution system, and potential damage and interference to electrical equipment.

Power Saving Techniques

Power Savers are used to minimise power consumption and save energy.

Pressure Transducers

New Zealand based supplier of premium Pressure Transducers, pressure sensors and depth transducers..

AMC Pump Controllers

Advanced Motor Control Pump Controllers offer a comprehensive pump control system in conjunction with Emotron VFDs. The controller offers constant pressure with flow limiting and depth limiting along with Flow and Volume logging.

Smart Relay

New Zealand based supplier of premium smart relays and logic relays.

Soft Starters

Soft starters available in New Zealand including the New Zealand manufactured AuCom soft starters.

Useful Marketing and Consulting Links

Big Cheese Consulting

Christchurch based Business and Marketing Consultants.

New Zealand Web Directories

NZ Web Directory

A directory of New Zealand based web pages. Support New Zealand businses’s — New Zealand & Australian Web Directory and Search Engine.

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