homeAdvanced Motor Control are New Zealand based specialists in the control of industrial electric motors, especially A.C. Induction motors using soft starters and Variable Frequency Drives.

AMC was co-founded by Mark Empson, co-founder of AuCom Electronics Ltd and one of the pioneers of the soft starters used in industry today, and Howard Evans who is also very experienced and respected in the motor control industry.

Working very closely with Industry and equipment manufacturers, AMC pride themselves in providing a quality package of product, education, support and service in many different fields of motor control. AMC guarantee a working solution and will advise on the best technology to achieve that solution. This may involve soft starters and/or Variable Frequency Drives, harmonic filters, power factor correction, PLCs, Logic Relays, GSM controls and other technologies.

AMC Seminars

Mark Empson presents training seminars and workshops on a variety of topics related to motor control and automation.

These seminars are educational and designed to help field practitioners to understand the latest technologies and techniques.
Feedback has been very positive with requests for repeat and regular...

Our People

Advanced Motor Control is made up of a group of customer focused, technically competent, sales and support engineers who are well trained in our products and passionate about ensuring a working solution that provides real value to the customer. We have very strong relationships with the equipment suppliers and designers overseas, and provide....

New Zealand owned and operated, NO B.S. Motor Control Specialists.