Advanced Motor Control Ltd.
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Our People

Advanced Motor Control is made up of a group of customer focused, technically competent, sales and support engineers who are well trained in our products and passionate about ensuring a working solution that provides real value to the customer. We have very strong relationships with the equipment suppliers and designers overseas, and provide a high level of technical advice about the applications and equipment we support.
NZ South Island

Mark Empson
Technical Support
Author of NO BS Guides
0274 363 067

Wayne Garraway
Sales Manager
021 994 311

John Graham
South Island Sales
Danfoss Specialist
027 477 9129

Bron Hyder
Tech Support and Service
0275 432 129

Dianne Egerton
03 341 1285

NZ North Island / Fiji / Pacific Islands

Howard Evans
Technical Support
North Island Sales
021 925 544

Ross Remnant
Technical Support
Lower North Island Sales
021 174 1439

Colin Meaden
North Island Sales
Danfoss Specialist
021 868 936